Here’s what our customers had to say about our services.

Carolyn smiles – Director

” Logo Liberty does business like no other design company. Their model provides you with complete peace of mind which makes it easy for you to want to purchase their designs. So when I went to Logoliberty looking for an interesting logo for my startup flower business, they gave me excellent service right away. I filled out a simple design brief and they sent me the initial logos within the week so I could see which one I liked best. I talked with five different designers at Logoliberty who were all cooperative and helpful in bringing my vision to life. The company also made my design affordable as they were aware that I was working with a smaller budget. I was so happy with the final logo that I opted to try out their stationery and web design services as well, which were also fantastic and worth the money.”

Steven Smith – Marketing Manager

“Logoliberty is very different from other design companies. They treat you not like a customer but more and give you everything you need on a plate. Logoliberty picks your designers for you which is excellent for someone who does not have a good idea about what they want. How their services work is you basically bring your project to their office and they take your brief and any concerns you have regarding the design. They then pick out the designers who will work on your design and you receive a variety of logs within the next three days. In addition to logos, Logo Liberty also makes affordable website designs, and offers prolific SEO services to help you get more traffic on your site. You want any kind of business design and they will make it for you, at a great cost and quickly enough to meet your deadlines.”

Christopher Allen – Business owner

Logo Liberty was recommended to me by a friend after I had an awful experience with a previous web design company. I noticed a huge difference in the work that they put out than any other company I had worked with. Logoliberty has a team of designers I really connected with and who were always focused on giving me exactly what I wanted. They handled all the aspects of my website and helped me gain the traction it needed.”

Samantha McDaniel – Chief Financial Officer

” The design team at Logoliberty exceeded all my expectations on each front and were prompt and creative when dealing with my problems. They were dedicated and passionate throughout the project and paid special attention to the specific needs of my business. I am looking forward to a long lasting and prosperous relationship with the staff at Logoliberty in the upcoming years. Great job, guys. Keep up the fantastic work, your team is outstanding!”

Richard Hendricks – Realtor

” Fantastic company. I started working with their SEO team a few years ago after I opened my real estate agency and they were great partners for my startup business. Logoliberty helped me grow my business through their successful optimization techniques and the output definitely exceeded my expectations. As soon as my site launched it started to receive the needed traffic without a hitch and the number of my clients from the internet has also doubled. “

Sarah o’Neil – Boutique Owner

” I had the most amazing experience working with LogoLiberty because they listened to all my demands and gave me a lot of insight before they started to work on my site. We are still seeing better results on a day to day basis. I have started to work with them again for their design services as I want a completely new website for my business. So far they are just as helpful as ever, and quick to meet deadlines. No other company has ever cared so much about their customers and I will continue to recommend Logoliberty to everyone I know. “

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